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                        Shiva Swarodaya is about the tantric science of breath management applied for the betterment of human beings for obtaining health, wealth, fame and success in the outer world we live and also forms a bridge between the individual and Universal Consciousness leading to the evolvement of the soul. ‘Swara’ in Sanskrit means sound or a musical note, here meaning sound of breath flow and ‘Udaya’ means rising or awakening. Swarodaya is also known as Swara Yoga. ‘Yoga’ means union and hence it is a union between the physical and metaphysical worlds through breathing techniques.


                This technique governs the flow of breath in the physical body and flow of ‘prana’ or ‘Chi’ in our subtle energy bodies comprising of nadis or meridians and chakras  and unfolds the cosmos and its wisdom is revealed to achieve materialistic and spiritual goal. You can change and create your destiny through this knowledge.


                        This knowledge was imparted by Lord Shiva (Father GOD) to his Shakti (Mother GOD) in the form of 395 sutras upon her enquiry regarding the governing forces of Universe and its nature. It is the highest form of all the spiritual knowledge existent in the Universal Consciousness and works equally for the every human being irrespective of any religion or race, theist and atheist enabling you to…….



 Create Your Destiny




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